……….365 Days………..

~a daily photo post for 365 days~

~348 Of 365~

I hear the Elf On The Shelf is a legend. Til next time...

~347 Of 365~

The inheritance of this door has been long coming.  All the way from Spain, it finally is in.  Onward build... Til next time...

~346 Of 365~

It has been my theory that one day this rubble will become my next projects. However, the house is still under construction and it seems that wherever I move the pile to keep it out of the way, the pile gets... Continue Reading →

~345 Of 365~

The elegance of a sampler.  All handmade.  All beautifully crafted. This is my Great Great Great Grandmothers work. Done when she was a child. I did one too around her same age, and by coincidence, both are on burlap and... Continue Reading →

~344 Of 365~

Enjoying our local Giracci Vineyards and Farms. Who could resist this beautiful view at sunset?  What a perfect eve like summer, beautiful surroundings, wine, and jolly good conversation. Til next time...

~343 Of 365~

There is a degree of expert craftsmanship that does not exist too much anymore.  Preferring antiques over modern is the way to the comfort zone and back to beautiful basics. Til next time...

~342 Of 365~

Time for the parties so I am getting that holiday varnish on. The duds are out and ready. *Wish I was*. Til next time...

~341 Of 365~

I gorge myself with editing most nights. This photo is of the canyon nearby. This is the original.   Til next time...  

~340 Of 369~

Murray had a moment when we went through the drive-thru for a puppacino.  He saw the saintly logo peeking through the palms and got his paws ready.  *Funny how dogs know where they are headed*.  Anyway, he hadn't had one in... Continue Reading →

~339 Of 365~

It was a good idea to relocate.  I love the trees.   Til next time...

~338 Of 365~

Patina.  My style. Til next time...

~337 Of 365~

Sunday's Shoes. A Serene Fit For A Sunday Walk Til next time...

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