……….365 Days………..

~a daily photo post for 365 days~

~172 Of 365~

My favorite window so far.  The one over the kitchen sink. Til next time...

~171 Of 365~

Focus on eating these.  Just picked.  Yum. The word of the week at The Daily Post is *Focus*. I took some pics of the grapes in focus, and one with movement. My favorite colors blended together with a focus on... Continue Reading →

~170 Of 365~

It was a red hot day today.  Had a showing in the morning so Gozilla and I took a ride to do the work.  Around threeish it was time to get back to the construction zone and get things done.... Continue Reading →

~169 Of 365~

~Sunday's Shoes~ From this angle it looks like Charlie Chaplin entered my body and took over my Sunday's Shoes.  In any case, I had a nice ride today.  Murray was taken care by the husb and I got a day... Continue Reading →

~168 Of 365~

Today's Daily Prompt is "Blossom". That's right up my ally. Hope you had a nice rosy day and, I hope tomorrow is a full blossom of Sunday love for you all out there in bloggersville. Til next time...   Oh,... Continue Reading →

~167 Of 365~

~Yes She Can Create~

~166 Of 365~

Today is the big day.  So I am out of it a bit.  I am posting early so I can have the day to recoup.  The crystal bowl is lurking around for another magnolia, but today is not the day.... Continue Reading →

~165 Of 365~

Sweet Magnolia

~164 Of 365~

~Taper~ Tomorrow I will have to taper off a bit from food. It is colonoscopy time!  Yippee ya ya yay for me *ughghg*.  For those of you having gone through this, you recognize this gigantic bottle of chemicals to drink.  I've... Continue Reading →

~163 Of 365~

~Volume~ The lake looks great.  The volume of water from the rains did fill it and it is a beautiful blue.  Driving along the back road today before work, I stopped to take this panorama of it.  Born Free will... Continue Reading →

~162 Of 365~

~Triumph~ I'd put a pic of a Triumph Motorcycle up, but I couldn't find one, so this is the next best. It was a day of triumph in finding what I needed.  A new shed, netting for the apple trees,... Continue Reading →

~161 Of 365~

~Order~ I certainly do not have any lately.  In particular at my little temporary desk.  I am used to having a large one. It is all out of order and, yet, in order to work here, it is in order.  All... Continue Reading →

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