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~a daily photo post for 365 days~

~179 Of 365~

Mr. and Mrs. Jones

~178 Of 365~


~177 Of 365~

Visited the local appliance center and builder supply. I'm liking these, but there's so many choices.  Til next time...

~176 Of 365~

~Sunday's Shoes~ Today was a very hot day at the Born Free Motorcycle Show at Irvine Lake. We girls  met some new friends, saw some old ones and won nothing in the raffle arena, but most definitely, had a great time.... Continue Reading →

~175 Of 365~

Born Free. An old school motorcycle rally. A fun weekend with friends.  Till next time...

~173 Of 365~

The Daily Post - Prompt~Paper~ It's that time to celebrate another friend's birthday.  So the paper cards came out.  I usually collect a few that I like and this one still makes me laugh. Til next time...

~172 Of 365~

My favorite window so far.  The one over the kitchen sink. Til next time...

~171 Of 365~

Focus on eating these.  Just picked.  Yum. The word of the week at The Daily Post is *Focus*. I took some pics of the grapes in focus, and one with movement. My favorite colors blended together with a focus on... Continue Reading →

~170 Of 365~

It was a red hot day today.  Had a showing in the morning so Gozilla and I took a ride to do the work.  Around threeish it was time to get back to the construction zone and get things done.... Continue Reading →

~169 Of 365~

~Sunday's Shoes~ From this angle it looks like Charlie Chaplin entered my body and took over my Sunday's Shoes.  In any case, I had a nice ride today.  Murray was taken care by the husb and I got a day... Continue Reading →

~168 Of 365~

Today's Daily Prompt is "Blossom". That's right up my ally. Hope you had a nice rosy day and, I hope tomorrow is a full blossom of Sunday love for you all out there in bloggersville. Til next time...   Oh,... Continue Reading →

~167 Of 365~

~Yes She Can Create~

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