……….365 Days………..

~a photo a day posted once a week~

~43-49 Of 365 *2018*

It was an all over the place kind of week.  From picking out flooring to Valentines Day to getting things tuned up on the bike.  Sort of uneventful... sort of not. Just another week to be happy on this planet... Continue Reading →

~36-42 Of 365 *2018*~

We all have had that need to just get up and go for a weekend to grab some time away from everything. I did just that last weekend and having lived a large part of my life in the Bay... Continue Reading →

~29-35 Of 365 *2018*~

Just beginning February, and the garden is starting to sprout again.

~22-28 Of 365 *2018*~

I've always thought abstractly - through theme and variations rather than narrative. ~Robert Wilson

~15-21 Of 365 *2018*~

Artsy Fartsy Week. A reverse of the positive isn't always a negative.  In the case of photography, it can be a very interesting look. 

~8-14 Of 365 *2018*~

I did a small study on a couple of skills this week.  We only had one day of rain, and the rest was just beautiful.  So the camera was hermetically sealed to my body most of the time. After shooting bunches... Continue Reading →

~1-7 Of 365 *2018*~

Growth.  After a couple of days, it has been easier not wanting to post a photo a day.  An addiction I guess?  I am slowly growing into this.  Taking more time to read other blogs and, enjoying the reads have been nice... Continue Reading →

~A New Way Of 365~

The first day of 2018 and the first post is here. I have rattled my brain as to how to give me a tad more space in time to post my photos and keep the momentum up on quality here... Continue Reading →

~365 Of 365~

The Gear Made Me Do It!

~364 Of 365~

Self Portraits #5 Of 5 ~Ancestry~ Til next time...

~363 Of 365~

Self-Portraits #4 Of 5 ~Gotta Create~ Til next time...  

~362 Of 365~

Self-Portraits #3 Of 5 ~Becoming A Gardener~ Til next time...

~361 Of 365~

Self-Portraits #2 Of 5 ~ Sister ~ Til next time...  

~360 Of 365~

Self-Portraits #1 Of 5 ~ Feet On Couch, A Moccasin High~ I have this proclivity to blog.  So, When I started 365 Days I had it in mind to end the year in self-portraits.  For the next 5 days, I... Continue Reading →

~359 Of 365~

It is Christmas day, and I cherish the traditions of celebration with baking and friendships. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. Til next time...  

~358 Of 365~

Murray got the Christmas eve doo at the groomers today.  Not so mild, but he pranced around very proud of his green and red. Happy Christmas Eve. Til next time...  

~357 Of 365~

Once again, I am stumped by the Daily Prompt which is suppose to unstump me. The word is "communal". So I posted an orange for my 365 days photo a day challenge but still cannot find a reason for the connection... Continue Reading →

~356 Of 365~

Today I was a bit influenced by old noir movies so I shot in black and white and had some fun in the garden.  The featured image for this post reminds me of those B and C giant ant and... Continue Reading →

~355 Of 365~

Snowmen. It is miraculous how each year they just reappear. Til next time...

~354 Of 365~

It is like listening to an angel sing! *next time someone claims they didn't hear me calling, guess what...* Can you hear me now? Til next time...

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