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Remember that Wide Bag of Lemons?  Even though I have more than half that bag left, I have made a few jars of lemon curd already.  I have been experimenting with a couple of different recipes, one gluten free and one with real butter. Both turned out yummy.  The curd is a standard recipe:

1/2 cup of fresh lemon juice
3 eggs
@2 tps lemon zest grated fine
6 TBS Butter or about 3/4 stick
1/2 Cup of Sugar

I whisked the eggs and sugar together with the lemon juice before I threw it in the pot on medium heat, then added the zest and butter.  I like using cold butter cut into cubes with this. Stir so that the eggs don’t curdle and keep stirring until the curd thickens.  Usually, a little bubble or two on top will let you know you are close to being done along with the thickness on the spoon.   Make sure you stir constantly, you don’t want the eggs to scramble in this luscious spread.  Keep it on a medium heat, that will help.   It really doesn’t take long to make so get rid of idea you will standing there stirring for a long time, you won’t be.  When it is thickened, just pour into a bowl and cover with plastic wrap.  Let it cool and then refrigerate.  I like Mason Jars so all gets poured into those.


The change to gluten free is as easy as finding gluten-free butter.  My favourite to use is Earth Balance.  I also used organic sugar and added an organic vanilla bean to that batch.  That’s my yummy jar. No one touches that one but me.  In fact, I had my gluten free almond cookie with lemon curd spread on it for this morning’s breakfast… I couldn’t wait.  The rest will be given away and it is good to keep for about a week or so, so use it on waffles, cookies, chocolate gluten free cupcakes are super good with this.  If you are not a bread eater…put some of the curd in a little bowl, top with whipped cream and eat your mock lemon meringue pie.  I can’t eat dairy, but if I could, baby I would.   Now on to lemon garlic something…*not sure yet but the garlic sounds good with lemons*

Til Next Time….

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