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Saying Goodbye to the Ride Memory Post


I have kept memories of my rides on this chalk post since I started riding in 2005.  I have signed it with dates and some friends have signed it after rides.  I will miss it.  In the Alameda house, I had the door of the garage painted in chalkboard and it was covered with dates and friendly quotes.  Gloria is no longer with us and this will be particularly sad to walk away from.  We had several chalk posts together.  We even did my podcast together and had great fun.  My accomplishment of riding to Sturgis solo is written on this post too so pictures are being taken and will be put in a little memory album for those times gone by.  A new one is at the new place but I have barely been on a ride being so busy and just too tired to think about riding.  Hopefully, I will get out of this long overdue slump.

Til next time…

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