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February 2017

~59 Of 365~

Thighs...By Oak Til next time...

~58 Of 365~

Buckie. We found Buckie up on the hill and brought him down to Gnome Hill for safe keeping and an everlasting place to be at peace by the Secret Garden.  Murray was unsure of it.  He smelled it and then... Continue Reading →

~57 Of 365~

Duckie. After a bit of rain and shopping today, the husb, my brother and I went to enjoy the afternoon at one of our fave spots for a drink and eats.  On the way out, we discovered Duckie hanging out... Continue Reading →

~56 Of 365~

Murray In The Hood. Murray does like his clothes.  For little dogs, wearing clothes feel comforting and in the Winter it keeps them warm.  He is set low to the ground and it gets cold where we are so putting... Continue Reading →

~55 Of 365~

Gnomes. Today, the full free press was not allowed into a White House News briefing.  They actually picked and chose who to enter.  Why?  Because the White House is full of liars?  Yes.  Cowards.  They did not include all the... Continue Reading →

~54 Of 365~

Calla Lilys. There are a few on the property.  All of a sudden they are popping up.  Large leaves and very beautiful flowers.  They like the clay soil.  I amended another yard of mulch in the ground today and to... Continue Reading →

~53 Of 365~

Frogzilla. I don't want to touch them, but this guy was cooperative.  Are they nocturnal?  I am wondering because when I picked up the flower pot he just sat there and gave me the stink eye, albeit to my luck... Continue Reading →

~52 Of 365~

Tuesday's T's. Tinder For The Vegetable Garden. I made the veggie garden frame today.  Of course, I had help and it is done. Chicken wire was placed at the bottom for those little critters that like to dig and eat.  Now,... Continue Reading →

~51 Of 365~

The Doorway. We went to eat at this restaurant and it was full of this and that's.  This is the main doorway.  The inside was still playing Holiday music and had stuff hanging everywhere.  We sat down and had a... Continue Reading →

~50 Of 365~

The Ceiling. I was sitting on the couch waiting for clients staring at the ceiling when I took this snap. I had some fun in my software program and it went from this: To this: I like doing this stuff... Continue Reading →

~49 Of 365~

The Day After The Storm. The canyon is really beautiful today.  Cold, wet, sometimes grey, but the colours are just beautiful when the sun comes peeping through. I used HDR on these two pics.  Camera from the phone and I... Continue Reading →

~48 Of 365~

  The Calm Before The Storm. The rain is coming big time later this afternoon.  Buckling up the property for high winds and the water is a must.  I snapped a couple of before's here.  I love the rain, but... Continue Reading →

~47 Of 365~

The Holy Tree.  Literally. Today I went to get the mulch for the rose garden.  In front of the office is this huge old Oak Tree with one huge old hole in it.  It reminded me of petrified wood.  The... Continue Reading →

~46 Of 365~

Camelias...Again. I have fallen in love with the camelia garden.  There are just a few bushes and like roses, they are beautiful. After working in the rose garden, moving rocks and finally sitting down for the next design zen in... Continue Reading →

~45 Of 365~

Camelias In Bloom While working in the rose garden today I popped into the camelia spot of the yard.  In full bloom today so I took some inside for my vase.  This tree is loaded and the red one next... Continue Reading →

~44 Of 365~

Fill It And They Will Come. I put the Hummingbird feeder back up after the rains and wind today.  Although the photograph and video is not so great, it shows when you fill it they will come.  One after another... Continue Reading →

~43 Of 365~

A Pre Valentines Day Ride We took a ride while having open house to meet some friends at our local winery.  Giracci Vineyards in Silverado was a nice discovery a while back and we enjoy going as often as we... Continue Reading →

~42 Of 365~

Dinner.    After a long day with After a long day with open house and the contractor, we forgot to eat.  So we bagged it at the local Chinese take out which is gluten free and MSG free.  We couldn't... Continue Reading →

~41 Of 365~

Bernie's Sky February 10, 2017 I woke up around 3:00 a.m. last night and could not go back to sleep.  I don't like checking the phone because I just can't get back to sleep again.    So I peeped my... Continue Reading →

~40 Of 365~

Day 40 Of 365 brings A Buggy Milkweed Plant. Back in December I bought this Milkweed plant and left it on my front porch for warmer weather planting.  I went to get it today and it was full of little... Continue Reading →

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