~41 Of 365~

Bernie’s Sky
February 10, 2017

I woke up around 3:00 a.m. last night and could not go back to sleep.  I don’t like checking the phone because I just can’t get back to sleep again.    So I peeped my head out of the window instead to get my sleep zen back.  Then I saw the moon and clouds.  Had to take a pic. That beautiful sky belongs to my father in law.   He passed last night.  I had a message waiting for me in the a.m. when I awoke from his daughter.  She was with him when he passed and his constant throughout his illness.   So this sky is his.  Bernie’s Sky. ♥  See the face? Nope,  I did not photoshop it, I noticed it in LR just before posting this.  I didn’t even see it last night.  Funny how things are in life….


Til next time…

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