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I don’t want to touch them, but this guy was cooperative.  Are they nocturnal?  I am wondering because when I picked up the flower pot he just sat there and gave me the stink eye, albeit to my luck because I would have freaked out if had it jumped at me.  Frogzilla went back into his house and I put it back where I found it.  At least he eats the insects and we have a few from the rain.  So it all works out.


Frogzilla or toad?  I am calling him out as a frog but if anyone out there knows better please tell me the difference.  At night I hear these like crazy here.  Tree frogs I am told.  I do like the sound.  Soothes me actually, like chimes do.  Until I see havoc, I will keep them around.  Aside from that, I don’t think I have a choice.

Til next time…

Samsung 7 to the rescue.


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