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March 2017

~90 Of 365~

Friday Ride day. Today I took time out to ride a bit.  I had a showing at noon and the day was beautiful so I rode.  I was also sick of staying home so Gozilla and I went out for... Continue Reading →

~89 Of 365~

  OAK. Today one of the oaks got trimmed up a bit.   It was hanging heavy from over growth from the rain.  All the trees look great and I hope they soaked up enough water for the hot summer... Continue Reading →

~88 Of 365~

Shotgun Murray. Today, I had to deliver some tools back and forth and Mr. Murray went with me in the truck. We had a good day driving around which he loves to do.  It was hot though and the air... Continue Reading →

~87 Of 365~

It IS Easy Being Green!

~86 Of 365~

  Lavender. Murray and I noticed this beautiful hill of lavender on our walk today. Lovely. Til next time...

~85 Of 365~

Sunday's Thoughts. I like this place. I put a bench underneath one of the old oaks by the cutting garden.  I was in a hurry to pick and all of a sudden I decided to just sit.  Just sit.  That's... Continue Reading →

~84 Of 365~

Getting the Family Tree done and going through docs.  It's very time consuming, but in the end, I will have a clean trace of lineage which at this moment goes into the 1600's and the Mayflower.  One of the amazing... Continue Reading →

~83 Of 365~

Colors  The hills are full of wildflowers, so I'm enjoying my time with them. Til next time...

~82 Of 365~

Feet.   After writing yesterday's post photo from  Tales From My Lens, I played around and went a little crazy on the feet pic.  Today I continued fooling around with it and came up with this.  Just a mirror. Fun... Continue Reading →

~81 Of 365~

Some Days It Has To Rain. Murray came up to the secret garden and of course, it started the rain newscasters were talking about.  So we took a break inside the coffee *to be* shed while is passed. His ears... Continue Reading →

~80 Of 365~

More Growth. There are quite a few leaves shooting out from the branches.  Turning the house a bit green and blossoms on some. This is post #80.  Can't believe I stuck with this as long as I have but it's... Continue Reading →

~79 Of 365~

I spent this morning going through the past. It sent me on a great trip through time and I located a mystery I'd been trying to find for a while. I get lost with time and in time doing this... Continue Reading →

~78 Of 365~

A evening of remembering Bernie.  Should have been smart and worn my tennies. It's was a nice send off to my father in law. He had many friends.  Til next time...

~77 Of 365~

Evening Walk Took the husb out for his birthday.  Then took a beautiful walk in our little neighbourhood.  We loved it.  Came home and #KCET had the Motown special on.  LOVED it. Til next time...

~76 Of 365~

Happy St. Paddy's Day. We spent the eve at our favorite local winery, Giracci Vineyards, and Farms and danced a clog-like to some great music.  I didn't get the name of the group that played but they did the job... Continue Reading →

~75 Of 365~

Sunflowers. Seeds from well over 5 years were thrown in a pot and to my surprise, they started growing.  I really didn't think they would make it, but they did. A nice sunny surprise from Southern California to you. Til... Continue Reading →

~74 Of 365~

Dusting Them Off. I haven't been riding in a long time.  Long time, but lately I have been getting the bug back so today I finally dusted off the boots and am headed out for a test ride.  I just... Continue Reading →

~73 Of 365~

A Crochet View I like to collect things.  All sorts of things, but mainly vintage.  I have been collecting since I was a kid and still love it.  Sometimes things go into boxes because I run out of space.  So... Continue Reading →

~72 Of 365~

Tulips. The other day I took a pic of these guys before they bloomed.  I really didn't know what they were.  Now I have tulips and I just love them.  One lonely red in the bunch here.  There is a... Continue Reading →

~71 Of 365~

Doll Lights We took a walk around the Orange Plaza today and went into the shops.  This was an interesting find in a garden shop.  Lights made out of unique finds and doll heads.  Very creative. As you can see... Continue Reading →

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