~88 Of 365~

Shotgun Murray.

Today, I had to deliver some tools back and forth and Mr. Murray went with me in the truck. We had a good day driving around which he loves to do.  It was hot though and the air conditioning was used for the first time all year.


Today also brought news that now our privacy is up for grabs through 45’s regime.  Each day brings alarming news from the White House.  Sick that this can happen this day and age with the efforts of this cabinet.  I realize that some of our privacy is up via social medias, but now the internet has permission.  Will he sign?

On the positive,  the State Department’s International Women of Courage award was given on to 13 women from around the world who are working to advance peace, security, and women’s rights in their home countries.  That’s a reminder that good is still about alive and living.

Til next time…

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