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April 2017

~120 Of 365~

From The Booth. It was a warm day and today we dealt with looking for doors for the new house.  We are in that stage of renovation now.  After checking out the local antique shops and crafts people, the hunger... Continue Reading →

~119 Of 365~

Twas a very windy day today, but after all the work to put the house back together again, the bench was a good site to see. Today's News:  It was windy.  Did I say windy?  Yes, it was windy.  The... Continue Reading →

~118 Of 365~

Textiles. Being a collector of all sorts, I have a good collection of textiles.  This is on a bench that I just love and thought I would use it for #118. Today's News:  T is twitteling how successful he is...... Continue Reading →

~117 Of 365~

Combo Soup. Everyone has to love soup.  I sure do and lucky for me these days, I have my brother around for a taste tester when I cook...and I love to cook.  He always tells me my food is the... Continue Reading →

~116 Of 365~

Hummingbirds. They are flying about.  Sadly so are the crows and hawks. Today's news:  I listened to it and I still can't get over the lifting taxes for the rich more than half and yet still, child care gets just... Continue Reading →

~115 Of 365~

Work Day... again. Cleaning out one storage room to make room for renovations has me thinking why did I keep this stuff?  I am such a nut on crafty wafty that I just can't let go and after a day... Continue Reading →

~114 Of 365~

Shotgun Murray. Murray and I went to get Chateau RV ready to roll.  We aren't sure when or where yet to go, but the roving mini villa needed some TLC since I have been ignoring her for a good while... Continue Reading →

~113 Of 365~

Out The Driveway. After a day of open house and visiting friends, it was time to end the day.  I have been trying to give myself *me* time, so when I got back I took Nighty out.  Not so many... Continue Reading →

~112 Of 365~

The Bush On The Hill. I don't know what it is, but when sitting up at the not so secret garden, the husb and I were admiring this yellow piece of nature's arena.  At the same time I was looking... Continue Reading →

~111 Of 365~

Petals. With all the roses in bloom the house smells wonderful.  When the petals fall from the flower I collect them up for future potpourri.  I have already bagged quite a few colors and smells in just this past couple... Continue Reading →

~110 Of 365~

One of the grand oaks on the property has finally got some room.  After the hill being cleared I sat back and said "ahhhh".  I think he did too.  Eventually the oaks will have the property back from being so... Continue Reading →

~109 Of 365~

Wild Val. Today was her birthday.  Moving out of the 60's and into the 70's.  We had a great day relaxing and getting all the current events out of our system.  It was just was she and I both needed.... Continue Reading →

~108 Of 365~

Porch Dog. Murray is beginning to like the porch more.  He is getting older and walking up and down stairs is tiring after awhile so he meanders on it.  I picked him up and we went to the work room... Continue Reading →

~107 Of 365~

Still Investigating. I am still at the chalkboard tracing family lineage.  Looking good and have gone back about 7 generations now.  Still working. News today:  Not sure.  I have only posted in Facebook a couple of likes, Twitter haven't gotten... Continue Reading →

~106 Of 365~

Easter. To those that celebrate, Happy Easter.  It was a beautiful day here in So. Cal.  We had a great dinner with family and friends, early so we could relax.  Ate like crazy, laughed a lot, and watched old movies... Continue Reading →

~105 Of 365~

It was a fun day.  We ended our day at Giracci Vineyards and Farms with some great wine and education on chicken raising.  I spotted their chicken coop a few days ago and just had to see how it was set... Continue Reading →

~104 Of 365~

Wine Time. I made these coasters years ago.  We venture around wine counties in California whenever we get away and I collect labels from any winery that gives them to me.  I have loads. *yes I like to drink wine*.... Continue Reading →

~103 oF 365~

Work Day. Today, everyone was put to work.  We did a clearing of a portion of the property and Zowie was even put to work.  She likes to take things in her mouth to help out. Firewood was collected for... Continue Reading →

~102 Of 365~

Framing. Framing is coming along.  Inspections next week and its still a go.  A few more months and this job is done. Til next time.

~101 Of 365~

It is Passover. We celebrate both Easter and Passover.  He does Passover... I do Easter, so it is a full week of cooking and eating.  Tonight I did Chicken, Lamb Shank, Chorosis, Potato Pancakes, and desert.  Its amazing how much... Continue Reading →

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