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Sunday’s Shoes

True to a self-induced promise yesterday, I put on Sunday’s shoes and went riding.  It was a gorgeous day.  I am grabbing what I can in the in-betweens.


This was day three that I purposely did not watch or tune into the radio for news.  I know this country is a mess,  I have realized I do not need to see it everyday go down.  In the meantime, I will get back to it next week.  I don’t want to be uninformed, but a break is worthy of keeping my fight up with intelligence.  I can’t believe I am on Twitter of all places tattling it either.  I thought always it was my place for photos… not.  Who knew this 45 Toddler In Chief brought out my toddler in waiting… on Twitter.  Gadzzz… I have to LOL.

Til next time…


One thought on “~92 Of 365~

  1. I love those boots. I am finding it increasingly difficult to find comfortable boots of any kind as my feet get more gnarly with age.

    Re politics and news, I think time off is a good idea. Unfortunately, yesterday wasn’t that day for me and I wish it had been. Some of our lot seemed to be suggesting that going to war over a rock is a good idea, and this morning I hear your guy is going to sort out N Korea single-handed. Nothing to worry about there, oh no.


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