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Wine Time.

I made these coasters years ago.  We venture around wine counties in California whenever we get away and I collect labels from any winery that gives them to me.  I have loads. *yes I like to drink wine*.  They do have some very good wineries for those always wondering about going.  Please go.  You won’t be disappointed.

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Jordan is a favorite and up in Sonoma County.  It is very pretty up there and it is wise to make reservations.

Today’s News:  Ivanka Trump.  It just gets worse with this family with rooms in the White House.   She Tweeted about National Library Week honoring libraries and librarians opening eyes to knowledge….  Doesn’t she know her own father, the POTUS, is trying to defund our libraries?  Librarians were as perplexed reading it as everyone with several backlash responses.  What was she thinking?!
United Airlines passenger got chomped on by a scorpion on a flight *friendly skies?*.
It is Good Friday and the people are getting ready for the Easter weekend and that includes the annual Coachella music fesitval.  Music is starting and the fans are loading in.  Make it a safe one.

Right now, I am getting ready to use one of my coasters, it is wine time.

Til next time.


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  1. I hadn’t read that about Ivanka. Laudable thoughts, in theory – but not at all surprised that Trump wants to defund libraries. Can’t have voters getting too good at seeking out information……


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