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It was a fun day.  We ended our day at Giracci Vineyards and Farms with some great wine and education on chicken raising.  I spotted their chicken coop a few days ago and just had to see how it was set up for the local predators.  We have a lot here in the canyon.  The girls seemed to be happy and safe and Chad and Linda shared the pros and cons of building the right condo for future chicks on our property.

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Aside from the chickens, Chad and Linda offered some great wine and conversation and we are certainly looking forward to spending more time with them.  If you are ever in the Silverado, CA  area do take a swing by.  You will not be disappointed in their beautiful property and the wine.

Todays News:  From this a.m. I got the skinny on WWIII about to happen if one “provokes” the other.  Oh joy… two toddlers hacking it out and sacrificing their peoples…all on the day before Easter.  I haven’t watched any since.

Til next time….

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