~110 Of 365~

One of the grand oaks on the property has finally got some room.  After the hill being cleared I sat back and said “ahhhh”.  I think he did too.  Eventually the oaks will have the property back from being so overgrown.  Its been nice and “nooky” in the back, but I am looking forward to having oak meadows about just to walk through.  So far we haven’t hit any coyote dens.

On the way back to the house the pink flowers have popped up more since the last post.

So I snapped another pic from the phone.  Very pretty right now.  In a couple of months the color will be drab from the heat so enjoying them now is key.

Today’s News:  Pot is back in the headlines.  Why?  Dunno.  I wish they would just leave it alone considering alcohol has killed more and the medicinal value of marijuana is huge. Cutting the illegal market out is important too.  Just feeds the criminal pocket being illegal.  It’s crazy the mindset on it, in particular with the new regime at large…they could all use a few hits.

Til next time…

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