~111 Of 365~


With all the roses in bloom the house smells wonderful.  When the petals fall from the flower I collect them up for future potpourri.  I have already bagged quite a few colors and smells in just this past couple of weeks.  The rain nourished the heck out of the yard.

Today’s News:  Yes.  Hawaii is a full part of the United States and Judges rule from there too *Hallllooooo time to get educated White House people—or get out please*.   Trump never ceases to fail to Twattle and blame his lousy Presidency on everyone else.  Today he blamed it on media again.  *if he knew the Constitution he wouldn’t be in this place, remember he is only a business guy who went bankrupt 6 times*.   It is warm today, in Sunny So. Cal and hit about 90 degrees here in the yard.  Elderly drivers are here to stay with new seat cushions for the drive and more driving classes through AAA *move over we are here to stay*.   Richard Simmons (remember him?) leaves a local hospital in his famous work out clothes and that creepy teacher who kidnapped the 15 year old girl has been found finally.  Gadzzz…. all in a day.

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