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The Bush On The Hill.

I don’t know what it is, but when sitting up at the not so secret garden, the husb and I were admiring this yellow piece of nature’s arena.  At the same time I was looking at the tree we transplanted a week and a half ago.  It is still living.  That’s a good thing since it is about 24ish feet in height and so far so good.

4-22-17-1 (1 of 1)

Today’s News:  Carter Page was interviewed again today.  What a piece of work stating he “appreciated” the questions being asked without answering them, so expertly dodged by him *say the word *treason* in unison everyone…please don’t pay him anymore for interviews*.   Putin is evidently building an arctic military base *while #45 twattles the twitter realm*.  Joanie from Happy Days (Erin Moran) was found dead *sad*.   The March For Science with rally crowds gathered today at various places *a must presence considering science is factual and not an alternative fact (or lie) & #45 wants it to disappear…hmmm wonder if he knows science made the bleach for his hair and the eye coverup he wears for interviews*.   And the hits keep coming…

Til next time…

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