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Work Day… again.
Cleaning out one storage room to make room for renovations has me thinking why did I keep this stuff?  I am such a nut on crafty wafty that I just can’t let go and after a day of sifting, tossing, and keeping little I have decided that garage sale of mine better be soon.  It seems in making room, I need a room for that stuff I am getting rid of.  Sound familiar?  Probably.

4-25-17-2 (1 of 1)

Today’s News:  A federal judge in San Francisco halted #45’s attempt to withhold federal funding from cities and towns that refuse to cooperate with the immigration peeps,  Yup…he imposed a nationwide injunction against one of T’s exec orders.  *T and his peeps need to learn the constitution, eh? I expect he will twattling his Twitter soon*
Oh, and that guy Michael Flynn (remember him), yea, the House Oversight Committee said there is a good chance that he broke the law by *accepting payments* from Russia and Turkey and later (of course) misleading the gov about that little income.  *Gawddddd the hits keeps coming from the regime*.
….then there is that wall.
Great white sharks were spotted off our OC beaches and peeps were warned not to go in….again.  *why would anyone go in after that unless they believe in “fake” news*

Til next time…

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