~118 Of 365~

Being a collector of all sorts, I have a good collection of textiles.  This is on a bench that I just love and thought I would use it for #118.

Today’s News:  T is twitteling how successful he is… again.  *yawn*.  *He makes my eyes and ears hurt*.  America may run out of the yellow fever vaccine next month *science can help that, but T wants to get rid of that…let us pray*.  We got another 7 days even with T’s threat of shutting down the gov *duh*.  41 humpback whales are dead and now the feds are probing into it – *climate change anyone, or nuclear yuk from Japan’s earthquake or the missiles that NK keeps blasting off, how about that garbage that keeps getting into the ocean – No, wait… It’s Obama’s fault (just wait T will twittel it * I guess science will intervene. *smug smile-jk*
Good News:  The drought is over and, a police officer found a couple of goats and returned them to their owner.  There you go folks… another day to reminisce upon in the future.

Til next time…

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