~119 Of 365~

Twas a very windy day today, but after all the work to put the house back together again, the bench was a good site to see.

Today’s News:  It was windy.  Did I say windy?  Yes, it was windy.  The Free Press goes on *who needs #45 at the Correspondents’ Dinner, after all it is a correspondents’ dinner and the #45 is having a hard time keeping himself well, out of the mirror…he would make it all about him anyway and it is not*  Bravo to the Press and to all who were celebrated.  I think they should change it to America’ Correspondents’ Dinner and leave the White House out of it.
Local News:  When I got home I noticed a twattle from Twitter that a local here was burning his wife’s belongings in the front yard.  Did anyone see the vid above?  Hot and windy. Yup, the Sheriffs were quick to respond and the Fire Department was Johnny on the spot.  *wife is likely singing right now*.

Til next time…

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