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From The Booth.

It was a warm day and today we dealt with looking for doors for the new house.  We are in that stage of renovation now.  After checking out the local antique shops and crafts people, the hunger set in.  Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen is a standard for us as a go to in Olde Town Orange.  We like it there and having a Don Juan over is a fave of ours after a feverish day of the hunt.  So from the booth these two pics are sent.

4-30-17-2 (1 of 1)

Today’s News:  T keeps assaulting the press *his go when nothing else suits him…or maybe he really did miss that dinner after all – ‘laughing’*.  He also keeps changing Obama care *back to Obama care*…yup.
Cyber hostage of Netflix *calling all Jetsons*.
Local News:  I did not win the lotto last night, but someone who bought a corn dog did *really*.  Happy for them *wish it was me tho*.

Til next time…

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