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May 2017

~148 Of 365~

Memorial Day~ Remembering~ Daily Prompt~ Detonate~ Time to remember... to remember in the memory of those fallen for peace and freedom.   Thank you to the freedom fighters past, present and future who strive to persevere to detonate evil.  You... Continue Reading →

~147 Of 365~

Sunday's Shoes. It is a Sperry kind of day.  Radiate in it.  I sure did.  Now I am feet up relaxing. Today's News:  Trump is still crying "fake news".  I am still trying to get someone to tell me to... Continue Reading →

~146 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Infuse~ Sometimes it is hard to infuse reality into people when they choose "fake facts"  and when they only listen to "alternative facts", which are in whole "lies".  At those moments of being dumbfounded by those moments, I take... Continue Reading →

~145 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Reprieve~ This is a good word for the day.  It is Friday and I am welcoming this holiday weekend as a nice reprieve from it all. Today's News:  The same old story about T.  He's his worst enemy. *patience*... Continue Reading →

~144 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Survive~ I hope I survive the embarrassing speeches and slouchy walks T does *makes my eyes and ears hurt... but I must watch*.  I suppose that should be the least of my thoughts about him.  *I'll give it another... Continue Reading →

~143 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Impression~ Are first impressions important?  Probably not, but it counts.  Good or bad, the impression one makes at first is a perception for the future. Sometimes making a bad impression is what one wants to do so they never... Continue Reading →

~142 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Catapult~ I am going to catapult into this day early with a post on the Daily Prompt.  I have a full one ahead and evening too.  The closest thing to shoot is a couple of books at my desk.... Continue Reading →

~141 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Adrift~ My mind and body are tired.  After moving and then moving things out again and then moving again for the contractors, I am done. So this post is shorter than short.  I am adrift in the thought of... Continue Reading →

~140 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Unmoored~ Today, Gozilla got unmoored  for a ride to Cooks Corners to attend the Annual Bike Blessing along with hundreds of other motorcycles.  Goz has never been blessed so it was her turn to have a splash of water... Continue Reading →

~139 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Descend~ After a long day it is time to descend into the evening appropriately.  Hope all are having a wonderful weekend.  I am. Today's News: (of course it's about T, isn't it always?!) T did a shaggy sword dance... Continue Reading →

~138 Of 368~

Daily Prompt ~ Notorious~ Evidently, I have been known for being a tad notorious.   Being notorious is kind of mysterious and I think a little snappy, so I will take it.  At this age, it is okay to be a little... Continue Reading →

~137 Of 365~

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Heritage~ There is so much to tell. In the meantime, I am still reading and discovering. This is my Great Great Grandfather.  He was the head of quite a few organizations. He looks like me even...Puffy eyes... Continue Reading →

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