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Gettin’ My Potpourri On.
Today I stored away a few jars of potpourri from my garden.  Each one has a varying fragrance and the smell is just wonderful.  Everyday I pick a houseful of roses and now I am addicted to making bunches of the stuff.

Today’s News:  Bravo to Jane Goodall.  Evidently Ivanka T used a quote from Ms. Goodall in her new book without her knowlege:
“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
Goodall mentioned that the legislation passed by previous terms of presidents are there to protect wildlife and to create national monuments along with clean air & water laws, and now are “jeopardized by this administration”. She further went on to mention that she hopes I T will endeavor to protect that legislation.  *time will tell, however the money is being withdrawn with T’s exec orders* *I see oil wells and no waterfalls*.
Good News:  Earthquake experts say there is no such thing as ‘earthquake weather’.  *the rumbling under my feet the other day is just my imagination and I can keep my flip flops on evidently*.

Til next time…

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