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Daily Prompts~Pink~

So the kids flew in for the pink water today.  I am weening them off the red color additive.  They say to ween them off and then they will come to the clear. Sorta like AA, I implemented the recovery spa station.

Today’s News:  Kamala Harris,  “There’s something seriously wrong with the potential target of an investigation firing the man in charge of that investigation”.  *Yup, that’s why she is on the Intelligence Committee… go get him!*  If there is anyone who is eloquent and versed in the rules of law, it is she.  I am glad he got fired, personally, because if he didn’t this would not be in question.  T would still be hiding.  As it is Dep. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is just as bad as Spicey.  They just can’t cover lies good enough.  She gets too un-nerved at the slightest questions of truth.  She’s hard to look at…

Good News:  The cement got poured for the footings and it is a go.  Passed inspections and the house is on the build and the birds are still getting drunk on sweet pink water.

Til next time…

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