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As some have seen already, I have gone 135 days as of today posting a photo-post each day. There have definitely been some days I have hit a blank, so doing a bit of WordPress searching around, I found that The Daily Post is actually helping me put a little nudge of inspiration by posting a “Daily Prompt” word.  It has been fun to do and, even more so, reading other blogs doing the same.  I get the word, then post, then read.  Its a kind of zen deal now for me to sit and do while the contractors are pounding away in the background.  Anyway,  explaining done now, the word today is “collaboration” and it is simply this.    Me.

I have been busy with the DNA aspect of my life and have been working on my family tree for a few years now.  One was previously done by a distant cousin of the family way back, however, a lot of it was not correct and through the years searching and actually collaborating with long lost cousins, I have been able to connect a lot of the dots.

In collaborating with my past, these are my in DNA percentages
*a small part of the equation*:

5-15-17-1 (1 of 1)
Work Credit: Ancestory


Europe is 97%, Africa 1%, Middle East 2%.  Within this breakdown are the communities of  Great Britain 63%, Ireland 25%, Scandinavia 3%, Europe West 3%, Italy/Greece 1%, Iberian Peninsula 1%, Finland/Northwest Regions 1%, West Asia 2%.  I find most interesting the lower percentage countries.

A curious thing I am discovering while deep into my European roots, is Scotland is popping up all over. Maybe my Brits can help?  I am getting the replies that the Scottish went to Ireland then over to America…. hopefully I can figure that one out with more collaborations.

Today’s News:  T has not changed.  Why do I dream that one day I will wake up and he has grown up and left the presidency.   And that damn tweet of T’s twittling needs to be resolved.   If he “doesn’t want to talk about it”, then why did he tweet about the so-called “tape”!?  You would think he would want to leave with some decency.  His madness is seeping down the pipes though.  People are beginning to walk away from him… finally.  Stupid is as stupid does.

Good News:  Regardless of T’s assumption that he can remove the Press from Press Conferences and have “none”, he is wrong.  It is our Constitutional right to be informed properly and with correct information.  I understand that he and his staff are lacking knowledge, however they can get the correct information and just pass it along. Receptionists do it everyday.  Seems so elementary to do, but I think he enjoys passing his “fake” news around then blaming others for keeping it up.  I see it on Facebook everyday… pass the propaganda and forget the truths.   Anyway,  I digress, he works for us… America…not for his own self indulged ego.  That is the good news.

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  1. Makes perfect sense. Lots of Scots emigrated to America in the Highland Clearances, and even earlier (17C) a lot, particularly Protestants, went to Ireland as part of the colonisation process. Many of them probably went on to America and the rest of the world. We lose count of the people who tell us about their Scottish or Irish ancestry when we’re in the US!

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