~138 Of 365~

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Heritage~

There is so much to tell.

WHC-2 (1 of 1)
Wm. H. Chamberlain

In the meantime, I am still reading and discovering.

This is my Great Great Grandfather.  He was the head of quite a few organizations. He looks like me even…Puffy eyes and all.
As a part of my heritage I am very proud of him from what I have discovered.  Fun stuff.




Today’s News:  A quote from Dan Rather.  “These types of investigations tend to stir up more dirt than anyone thought.  We will see what happens now”.
Today’s Good News:    I joined a few oganizations to take me more into retirement andmy heritage.  A couple of them take me on vacays of discovery.  Looking forward to planning those trips abroad this year.

Til next time…

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