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Daily Prompt ~ Notorious~

Evidently, I have been known for being a tad notorious.   Being notorious is kind of mysterious and I think a little snappy, so I will take it.  At this age, it is okay to be a little infamous.

A note from the President before he resigned from office to my Grandfather.  Grandfather worked heavily for the government in the marine engineering business.  He would have not liked T at all.

For example, I am the one who broke through the “traditional” with family, and the first and only who went to concerts at the Fillmore West and Winterland *and still go to concerts*, I hitchhiked all the time way back when *not recommending it these days..times have changed since the late 60’s and 70’s*,  and I ride motorcycles *my own these days instead of on the back*, and my most famous notorious moment was when I voted for Nixon *oh my Gawd I admitted it*.  He was my first vote and I needed my family’s help in the decision. Being all Republicans back then, family got me and I voted for him.  *Actually they threatened my life if I didn’t vote Repub*. Since then, with lessons learned, I have voted for whom I thought best for America regardless of party.  So much for lessons and NO, I did not vote for T.

Today’s News:  T is still chatting away.  Comey is waiting his turn for the intelligence panel.  Note the term “intelligence” *he is being quiet as he should be*. Something T is lacking.  Jeb Bush stated T is “chaos”.  Gadzooks even Jeb says T needs to stop saying things that “aren’t true”.  AND… I just can’t talk about that Weiner dude…he’s just gross *what took his wife so long to file for the D?!*

Today’s Good News:  I never thought I’d listen to anything Jeb said again, but I did.  It is also Friday, not sure whether it is good or bad yet, but from a turtleneck to 100 degrees for this weekend might be a time to Margaritaville the weekend away.

Til next time…

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