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Daily Prompt~Unmoored~

IMG_0020Today, Gozilla got unmoored  for a ride to Cooks Corners to attend the Annual Bike Blessing along with hundreds of other motorcycles.  Goz has never been blessed so it was her turn to have a splash of water and a prayer of safety after all these years.  I met up with some good friends I hadn’t seen in awhile and that in itself made it a very special day in the hot sun gabbing it up and listening to music.

Today’s News:   I ate a hamburger  which is a no no for me…*so far I am still alive*. I was too hungry and lazy to wait in line inside the place, so I scooted up to the back and ordered one hot off the grill.  I had him hold the bun, onion and tomato.  *made me feel less guilty–not*
Did it taste good after not having a burg in 3 years?
… why yes, yes it did.

Today’s Good News:  I got home early enough to walk around the garden and relax after getting up early to get that prize parking spot.  I have not turned the TV or radio on so I have no idea of the news on T.  Think I will keep it that way for another day and have an evening cocktail instead.  Yup, that works for me.

Til next time…


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