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Sunday’s Shoes.
It is a Sperry kind of day.  Radiate in it.  I sure did.  Now I am feet up relaxing.

5-28-17-1 (1 of 1)Today’s News:  Trump is still crying “fake news”.  I am still trying to get someone to tell me to define their version of this fairly new phrase, “fake news”.  Even 8th grade students refused to shake hands or pose for a photo with Paul Ryan. 8th grader Matthew Malespina, one of the students, called Ryan “a man who puts his party before his country.”  Bravo!

Good News:  Kids are learning in our schools and at home despite all the “fake” news and to think they do not hear a liar lie is just having blind eyes. *remembering the song *Teach Your Children*.
Do not underestimate the kids, they radiate in knowledge already.

Til next time…


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