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6-1-17-2 (1 of 1)Gloria.  AKA Glo and Map Girl.  She was a good friend until cancer took her.  These photos are of us on our bikes at a rest-stop around Gaviota on the way to Pismo Beach for the weekend a good few years ago.  Unfortunately, on that particular weekend, her oil tank broke and it stayed in the shop for most of the time.  We implemented our stay with some shooting practice at a local place and being local tourists.  By the time we had to go back home it started raining and we were soaked the whole way.  We sure did have some fun though.  I can’t help but remember her wiping her seat off standing in the rain after us going in to have a bite to eat. It was still raining hard and we had to get going, so we saddled up, but before she got on she wiped down the seat in the pouring rain.  I started laughing and said it didn’t matter because we were soaked… she said it did and proceeded to wipe mine down too.  She said we didn’t have to be “barbaric”… we both cracked up then.

Brave she was, being a guinea pig for medical science.  She took several experimental drugs to further the cause of a cure.  She is one of those that said WTF *literally* and took the clinical tests.  Unfortunately, she was still taken.

I miss her loads.  She was my friend, and a good one to boot.  She was a big huger and I loved her smiles and her way of telling someone to “f off”.  She had a knack for that.

Today’s News:  T pulled out of the Paris Agreement.  *masks please*.  Also, my thoughts are out to Philippines.

Local News:  A bit of a drizzly rain today, but we are busy at the house.  Inspections are happening left and right and things are going well.  The car’s air-co is fixed just in time for the rise the next couple of days.  And such is life….

Til next time…

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