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July 22, 1991 – June 7, 2014

She loved to surf, laugh, teach, and wear beautiful colored polish.  She just loved…and we loved her back.  Her true friends and mother take this day to remember that love; and on her birthday, which is coming up, they all gather at her favorite beach to tell tales, surf, and just gather in her name. She was a gem and still shines on at the ACFJC where they dedicated “Natalie’s Nook”, a space for reading and learning.

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Gatherings are held here where a bit of Natalie still surfs.

Today is the anniversary of Natalie’s death.  It seems like forever, but it has only been 3 years.  Killed by second time drunk driver #ZacharyGleason.  Drunk and showing off in his car, racing while others were yelling at him to slow down, until the car took flight with 3 other people in it, she was killed.  Killed when the car hit a pole on her side.  She was taken to the hospital where her donor card went into affect.  Mom never saw her to give that cheek a last kiss.

@Zachary Gleason is in jail for a few years, but boy does he have a life… he got married, got out for a weekend and even played golf, and then had enough gumption to post pics on Facebook with his new bride and in golf clothes.  All that with two DUI’s under his belt and one killing for that notch.  Natalie doesn’t get to do that.  Because of #Zachary Gleason, this is what Natalie looks like today:

6-7-17-1 (1 of 1)

Why all the gruesome?  This is the side of DUI most do not want to hear or see.  The word “died” is enough.  But this is the reality.  This is what drunk driving really looks like.  I promised BFF Mom, I will always remind people of her.  And, I will always remind people how she did die in the hopes one takes thought into driving before that drink.  It is so preventable.  It is as easy as handing over the keys, calling a cab or Uber, or simply calling a family member or friend.

Don’t do it.  Everyone loses.


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