~159 Of 365~

Today I had hardly anytime to post.  Got in here on a minute.  After the Comey hearing and doctor appointment I am burnt out.  I went to the fridge to get some fruit and pulled this out to eat.  It was not so crisp.  So I am cutting it up for a sauce for tomorrow’s din din instead and having some soup.

6-8-17-1 (1 of 1)

Today’s News:  #Comey hearing.  Already Trump is doing some clean up work through his lawyer and ignoring the “talk”.   The hearing gave out some good leads and away we go.  I think the American public deserves to know.  I really don’t care about this “leak”, as T’s community calls it, for the reason of possible collusion and just plain outright lies from this cabinet to the United States of America AND the World.  It took an FBI Director to have the balls to shout it out.  Thank you #JamesComey for making America First and America Great in thought and actions!

Local News:  So much rain made the rodents double up over the winter.  On the local Tattler there is a need for snakes for rodent control.  Such is life.

Til next time…

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