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6-13-17-1 (1 of 1)

Tomorrow I will have to taper off a bit from food.
It is colonoscopy time!  Yippee ya ya yay for me *ughghg*.  For those of you having gone through this, you recognize this gigantic bottle of chemicals to drink.  I’ve always wondered the havoc this has on the old intesteeez in and of itself after the fact.
Oh the joys of aging.
Looking forward to the end of this.  *no pun intended* *wink*.


Til next time…

Today’s News:  Sessions:  I have no recollection.  I don’t remember.  I don’t recall.  Is this the “appalling” lie he talked about in his testimony? *Let Us Deflect*.
And how about that Executive privilege which he stated the Prez didn’t take? But he did?
Oh yea, and that “policy” where invisible ink lives.  This all from the highest up Attorney General. He’s suppose to know the answers. Yuk.  Yada yada.  Not anything most intelligent people didn’t expect, except now we have more questions to be answered because these guys won’t answer. Anyone up for a game of dominoes?
How about that Kamala Harris though!  Tearing through all the BS and ignoring the Boys Club! Awesome smart lady at California’s helm. First female president?  Would love to see that after today *smiling*.

Local News:  Murray has a allergy to the grass.  It is full time shirts outside now.  I have to find some sexy tanks.

Til next time…





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