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June 2017

~163 Of 365~

~Volume~ The lake looks great.  The volume of water from the rains did fill it and it is a beautiful blue.  Driving along the back road today before work, I stopped to take this panorama of it.  Born Free will... Continue Reading →

~162 Of 365~

~Triumph~ I'd put a pic of a Triumph Motorcycle up, but I couldn't find one, so this is the next best. It was a day of triumph in finding what I needed.  A new shed, netting for the apple trees,... Continue Reading →

~161 Of 365~

~Order~ I certainly do not have any lately.  In particular at my little temporary desk.  I am used to having a large one. It is all out of order and, yet, in order to work here, it is in order.  All... Continue Reading →

~160 Of 365~

  The tender moment of me and my boyz after all the others have left the job. Til next time...  

~159 Of 365~

Today I had hardly anytime to post.  Got in here on a minute.  After the Comey hearing and doctor appointment I am burnt out.  I went to the fridge to get some fruit and pulled this out to eat.  It... Continue Reading →

~158 Of 365~

~Natalie~ July 22, 1991 - June 7, 2014 She loved to surf, laugh, teach, and wear beautiful colored polish.  She just loved...and we loved her back.  Her true friends and mother take this day to remember that love; and on... Continue Reading →

~157 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Natty~ A nice and Natty place.  Ughgh. Til next time...

~156 Of 365~

Daily Prompt ~Uniform~ I'm wearing it, and I am so dam tired that's it for the evening.   Til next time...  

~155 Of 365~

~Sunday's Shoes~ It's just that kind of day. Slip them on. Then don't get up. Relaxin' Til next time...    

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