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July 2017

~212 Of 365~

I'd like to call today substandard, however it wasn't.  It was just a major work day in the yard.  Not one of my faves as of late.  Here you will see me trying to resuscitate my fountain.  After going to... Continue Reading →

~211 Of 365~

I have a lust for my MurMan, and he has a lust to relax with his chew toys.   Til next time... Daily Prompt ~ Lust ~

~210 Of 365~

I love antiques and always will, I just do not like modern to live by, however I do like modern, so shopping for a new old bar back for the future pub was just up my alley today.  I like... Continue Reading →

~209 Of 365~

Satisfaction.  This week's The Daily Post word is Satisfaction. Ahhhh now, most Americans got a lot of it last night watching the vote.  We still retain health care.  Yup. Satisfaction.  So I hung out at the Grateful She'Did Shed watering... Continue Reading →

~208 Of 365~

Today's Sky...and it is never hidden.   Til next time... Daily Prompt ~ Hidden~

~207 Of 365~

Today's prompt is "tea".  Every morning I have a green tea, and this morning I made some gluten free, almond flour banana muffins to go along with my sips.  Yummy good.   Today's Daily Prompt on The Daily Post also... Continue Reading →

~206 Of 365~

I am finding out it is traditional this time of year for the acorns to start coming alive on the oaks.  We have loads of them from the rains and it looks like a good harvest for those animals that... Continue Reading →

~205 Of 365~

Sometimes the fragrance isn't so sweet.  Today's air was filled with stink bugs and skunks while I worked in the garden.  Seems that the rain brought a few in. Murray took to the Grateful Shed to escape it all. Such... Continue Reading →

~204 Of 365~

Trying to get Murray to harmonize with nature is not going to happen here.  He has been nicknamed the Master Lizard Hunter.  It was another beautiful day here in the OC and... he has no intent on letting them hang... Continue Reading →

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