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Most of the world understands and knows T is a disaster for the United States and the world.  With all his alternative facts and possible collusion(s), will this be his next car to his next residence?  If not his, his son’s?  Daughter’s?  Son in Law? and on and on….. *reopen Alcatraz*.  The Repub party is starting to wake up bit by bit with the realization of his underhanded family businesses involved politically *unethical as all hell*.  My opinion is many are realizing, they aren’t turning their backs on America…. they are just turning their backs on T.  In knowing that, the vote will be coming up.  One by one people are walking away and coming back to reality.  *real reality, not fake*.    As it all unfolds, I’m sitting back and watching this reality show as most of the world.   And….

in the meantime, I baked some good ol’ American pies in celebration of the pooper of T’s healthcare pocket-book scam.  Will he repeal?  If he does, he keeps digging his own disastrous reality.  Something tells me I am on the right side of History.

Just My Opinion.
Til next time…

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