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July 2017

~203 Of 365~

We have been sitting dormant in the move for awhile now so today we found a new Irish Pub right here in our own backyard to relax in. Nice. Til next time...

~202 Of 365~

Daily Prompt ~ Gate~ Yesterday, I posted a gate found for the property.  On the other end of the gate spectrum, this little guy opens the gate to my heart.  He's my Murray.  He is also very spoiled and high maintenance... Continue Reading →

~201 Of 365~

Went shopping for the exterior doors.  Fell upon this goldmine.  Sold. Til next time...

~200 Of 365~

Most of the world understands and knows T is a disaster for the United States and the world.  With all his alternative facts and possible collusion(s), will this be his next car to his next residence?  If not his, his... Continue Reading →

~199 Of 365~

~Daily Prompt: Soil~ The road to Agapanthus Hill is blooming blue.  The soil turned out to be just right up there and as the days go on, we will be transplanting many more here.  They really grew well here, and... Continue Reading →

~198 Of 365~

Today's ride to the bank was a nice get away.  The weather was cooler and I needed to go take care of some business, so packing up the trike and getting out was wonderful.  I stopped by Cooks for a... Continue Reading →

~197 Of 365~

Tonight we savor not only great food we created together, but finally a relaxed weekend. We cooked up some chicken in french onion soup I made yesterday, and then the husb cooked his fave taters and we paired it with... Continue Reading →

~196 Of 365~

Taking my tea walk I collected a small bounty this morning.  More flowers of course for my potpourri, and then some lemons, apples and tomatoes.  Seems that everything is poppin' up all at once and so fast I can't eat... Continue Reading →

~195 Of 365~

There was so much to look at while enjoying last night's function.  Mainly food (which it was all about), but I snapped a small collage for today's post. Til next time...

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