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August 2017

~243 Of 365~

Just remember these photos.  This is why I like AAA instead of the DMV.  No one is here.  I will now memorize my license number for future purposes.  I have never done that. Lessons learned. Til next time...

~242 Of 365~

Simply said, I am enamored by this little face daily. P.S.  I have always spelled enamored as enamoured.  Tomato tomatoe.... Til next time...

~241 Of 365~

Grandma on her trike.  This corner back in the day to play on must have been something. She later moved to this corner in San Francisco. I remember this corner well.  I had fun there as a child through adult.... Continue Reading →

~240 Of 365~

The Daily Prompt word is Magnetic.  As I  do the family photographs for the new ancestry site, I came upon these two folks.  Now, I have seen this photo before, I just don't know who they are yet.  But I... Continue Reading →

~239 Of 365~

My eyes are going blink blink but I cannot stop working at this computer.  I am doing the family heritage blog site finally and I love it.  Paying homage to the elders for getting me through this bred line (a... Continue Reading →

~238 Of 365~

First, I am going to dignify this post by saying... Yup, I am this old and I do remember not only using these items but still loving them.   We went retro shopping today.  And it was fun. Til next... Continue Reading →

~237 Of 365~

That's my mean look for a new blog that will inhabit a space for the family coming soon. ShortBred. I think I will also post this every time T's name is said.  *it's a hurl look* Profile pic too.  Eh?... Continue Reading →

~236 Of 365~

Just more of my trip to Alameda.  A this and that.  Lampshade from Hangar 1 as the featured image, and... This photo from the old Alameda Naval Air Station, now Alameda Point.  One of my favorite places to visit while... Continue Reading →

~235 Of 365~

The most moving and visceral part of attending my reunion was trying to find my locker at our visit to the campus.  *I used to have locker dreams (not being able to find the darn thing)*!  It was surreal after... Continue Reading →

~234 Of 365~

Today's agenda was not to do a thing.  But I discovered the husb went out and picked all the tomatoes.  11 of them in fact.  Since I have never made tomato sauce, today was the day to learn how.  It... Continue Reading →

~233 Of 365~

Eclipse Day!  Did I get up early to travel home just so I could stop by the side of the road and see that ooh so  shiny sun getting unshined by the moon?  Why yes, yes I did.  Did I... Continue Reading →

~232 Of 365~

This weekend was like being in a trance.  Sort of like a weird trippy excursion to the past.  Going to my reunion, meeting up with friends, and discovering new places in our old town which is growing larger and fast.... Continue Reading →

~231 Of 365~

If I had to recite today's events,  it was great.  Had a class reunion and the best was connecting with people I haven't seen in centuries.  This one here, was my best friend in high school.  Still today we goof... Continue Reading →

~230 Of 365~

From The Booth

~229 Of 365~

From The Booth.

~228 Of 365~

Day by day it is coming along.  The photo is a bit grainy because I had to lighten it up, but the arch is ready to go in at the top there.  I was also excited to see the pergola... Continue Reading →

~227 Of 365~

Its always nice after not talking to anyone on this willy-nilly kind of day, that I go and get a snack and hey,  I read this on the top of the snack bag. Was it talking to me?  Nahh, but... Continue Reading →

~226 Of 365~

Daily Prompt ~ Prickle~ Well there isn't a prickle to be found today, so I found some food and made din din after a long one.  Now that brings prickly goosebumps to the husb's arms because he just loves chicken.... Continue Reading →

~225 Of 365~

Ok now, on post 220, I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the blog Tachiwi, (thank you very much for the nomination)!  I wasn't sure exactly what this was all about so it took me a bit longer to answer... Continue Reading →

~224 Of 365~

I stepped back from Photo Shop awhile back just because I couldn't concentrate on it with the build.  After spending the other day with my photo-editor friend she pushed me a bit to take another look into it.  Up to... Continue Reading →

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