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versatile-blogger-award-trophyOk now, on post 220, I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the blog Tachiwi, (thank you very much for the nomination)!  I wasn’t sure exactly what this was all about so it took me a bit longer to answer her post, but I’ll have it done in a jiffy.  I also want to say thanks to Peter Adewumi at LifeBlog for giving me some insight on these awards.  He is doing a interesting summary of them in his posts at Lifeblog.  In looking this up, I found there are rules, so whether or not you want to partake is up to you, no fault, no blame or guilt from this blogger, but I found rules at this site: VBA, and they are pretty easy:  Nominees are to nominate blogs they enjoy reading (I have many and I will be sending a comment to just a few of you in a post) and then, I have to tell the person who nominated me 7 things about myself, which may be intimidating but, here goes:

  1. I’m Old
  2. I don’t take any crap anymore from anyone, probably because I am old.
  3. I have a pissy mouth sometimes.  It’s just there.
  4. I’m feeling lately old isn’t so bad because, well… it isn’t so bad.
  5. I have been called an old bitch.  Probably because I have been.
  6. I have called others old bitch too.  Probably because they deserved it.
  7. I’m only going to get older, so are you and that is life.  I accept that.

Now that was simple.  I am not sure where this will go, but in any case, thank you to Tachi Speaks  for giving me this opportunity and letting me get to post number 225 of 365 with a nomination.

Now, because this is still a photo post daily, I searched for an older photo of a couple of great guys presenting me with an award for my bike.  Second place and I was one happy chickadee.

Til next time…

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