~232 Of 365~

This weekend was like being in a trance.  Sort of like a weird trippy excursion to the past.  Going to my reunion, meeting up with friends, and discovering new places in our old town which is growing larger and fast.  After hitting the high school for a punch of good and bad memories we stopped at one of the new growing sites on Alameda Point, The Hangar 1 distillery in Alameda.  Had a vodka tasting and I came out with 2 very different tasting “sipping” vodkas.  I also learned the correct way to smell vodka, which is through the mouth and not the nose, and really did add to the flavor and enjoyment of the taste.


The area is growing so much that now the location is becoming a mini wine/distillery/brewery center on Alameda Point.  It is good to see something new come from the past with keeping the past alive in salvaging the old naval buildings as new businesses.

Fun weekend.

Til next time…

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