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Today’s agenda was not to do a thing.  But I discovered the husb went out and picked all the tomatoes.  11 of them in fact.  Since I have never made tomato sauce, today was the day to learn how.  It turned out pretty darn good and as of now, I will never buy another jar or can of tomatoes again *yea sure…*

Here’s how it all went.

I blanched and pulled the skins off.  *Easy*.  Boil water then immerse in ice water.  Skins came off super fast and with no fuss.  I have never done that and was surprised just how easy it was.
Then squeeze the seeds out over a strainer into a bowl to catch the juice.  Save the juice for later or for other recipes if you do not need it for this one.  I didn’t use it, so maybe it will come in handy for the leftover sauce in case it needs more liquid.
Anyway, then I diced those babies up.

Throw it all into a pan on simmer/slow cooking for about 2 hours.  After slow cooking the diced tomatoes it turned a bit smoother by smashing them down and stirring the brew every so often.

After getting to this point you can go on and package this up and save the sauce in the refrigerator or freeze undiluted with spices, herbs, or any this and that’s.  However, we were going to eat this and the addition of sauteed onions, garlic cloves and fresh herbs from the garden (basil, oregano, thyme & marjoram) were put into the pan.

I kept this brew going for another couple of hours to render down some of it’s juices, and to ooze and cook the favor out of the onions and herbs into the sauce.  Basically to get a thicker, darker, and richer taste…which it did.
8-22-17-9 (1 of 1)

And because the husb and I are traditionalists, we each made our own meal in our own traditional way.   Mine with brown rice flour garlic bread using it as a dip, and his with fettuccine pasta.

And there ya go.  My first tomato sauce and yummy it was.

Now in case you are wondering how I did this without ever making it before, I just googled the darned recipe *genius eh?*.  On most recipes it was basically the same as this.  Some kept the seeds and some didn’t, but almost all skinned the tomatoes and I read about 5 or 6 different ones.  

Til next time…

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