~239 Of 365~

My eyes are going blink blink but I cannot stop working at this computer.  I am doing the family heritage blog site finally and I love it.  Paying homage to the elders for getting me through this bred line (a pun on words) is something I have been working on in the background for a few years now.  Setting up another blog site and now just working on it bit by bit for a pass down.  Albeit it won’t be complete for a couple of months, but that will be enough time for fam to come in and get what they need.

Now to this pic:
AlamedaGathering2 (1 of 1)
It cracks me up.  On the porch in Alameda, California.  My Dad is up there by my Grandpa and my Grandmother is far left with that big smile.  I wonder if that is beer?

Paying homage.


Til next time…

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