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August 2017

~227 Of 365~

Its always nice after not talking to anyone on this willy-nilly kind of day, that I go and get a snack and hey,  I read this on the top of the snack bag. Was it talking to me?  Nahh, but... Continue Reading →

~226 Of 365~

Daily Prompt ~ Prickle~ Well there isn't a prickle to be found today, so I found some food and made din din after a long one.  Now that brings prickly goosebumps to the husb's arms because he just loves chicken.... Continue Reading →

~225 Of 365~

Ok now, on post 220, I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the blog Tachiwi, (thank you very much for the nomination)!  I wasn't sure exactly what this was all about so it took me a bit longer to answer... Continue Reading →

~224 Of 365~

I stepped back from Photo Shop awhile back just because I couldn't concentrate on it with the build.  After spending the other day with my photo-editor friend she pushed me a bit to take another look into it.  Up to... Continue Reading →

~223 Of 365~

Murray's kennel.  After 10 years of the delivery of this cage,  he finally goes in and out of it.  A break through. Sorry about the blur, but he thought I was going to put him back in, so he went... Continue Reading →

~222 Of 365~

An Invitation. A new post on Tales From My Lens *finally*. Til next time...

~221 Of 365~

I woke up to jack the hammer destroying the Finger-less Lady's homestead today.  She was just taking up too much room in the driveway and now she is ready to transport to another home on the property.  The driveway is... Continue Reading →

~220 Of 365~

Life is a carousel.  It just goes 'round and around and around again.  Can someone take me off this T ride already?!  It just gets worse and worse and worse. Til next time... Daily Prompt~Carousel~

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