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~Just A Photo A Day For 365 Days~


August 2017

~216 Of 365~

The partner is down for the count so that means the husb is on the couch. That's it. Til next time...

~215 Of 365~

The veggie garden is in full symphony of produce. It is a very small garden, but it is enough to feed us with vegetables almost every day. Today's batch rendered tomatoes and herbs, and a look at one of the... Continue Reading →

~214 Of 365~

I love it when it is foggy and I wish today was one of those days, instead it was the worst humid day I have ever experienced. Having a few things to do at the Grateful She'did It Shed, I spent the... Continue Reading →

~213 Of 365~

Today's word prompt is "toothbrush". Doesn't quite fit in to what today was all about, but I will try. Today started out like this: and ended up like this: Then the rain, thunder and lightening came (featured image). ...and tomorrow... Continue Reading →

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