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September 2017

~273 Of 365~

Circle & BBQ Rub. This guy isn't a full circle,   More like an oval.  My rocks are beginning to have their place in the garden, and since the flowers are pretty much spent the painted colors from the rocks... Continue Reading →

~272 Of 365~

Little windows are very nice to have in this SHE'd however, I need an air conditioner.  I have a small one somewhere, so I am happy Fall and Winter are weathering me for the time.  Pretty soon I will write... Continue Reading →

~271 Of 365~

T minus 95 days countdown til the end of this year and the launch of 2018.  In the meantime, we still have to eat so I mixed up a new rub for some ribs today. *I just have a hankering... Continue Reading →

~270 Of 365~

Heart of an oak.  What a coincidence that it resembles a heart. Til next time...    

~269 Of 365~

Hangman's Tree?  In 1857 2 banditos were hung.  I went looking for it and came across this yesterday.  Evidently, it is not too far from me, however, I am not so sure this is the right one.  I wonder just... Continue Reading →

~268 Of 365~

There isn't any other place on this planet I would rather be and that is my little shed in the not so secret garden.  I planted a few more plants and spent the day up there with my Murray. Til next time...

~267 Of 365~

Had a fun day getting away with friends and dogs.  A pie contest, dog jealousy, and a tall colorful lady all along with the carnival at Balboa Island.  Indeed, it was a fun day with good friends.  Murray was pampered... Continue Reading →

~266 Of 365~

It is Fall and it being that the house needed Fall flowers.  So it got them.  It was irrelevant that it was a 77-degree day.  Welcome Autumn. Til next time...

~265 Of 365~

I don't have the name of this plant.  Just one leaf is about 4 - 5" and the plant itself is tall and lanky.  It's getting big.  If you know, please comment.  I thought it was Ginko but was told it... Continue Reading →

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