~254 Of 365~

9-11-17-3 (1 of 1)It is my father’s birthday (RIP) and it is 9-11, a day to Never Forget, and I never will.  Every September 11th since 2005 (the year I got my motorcycle license) I put on my Dad’s watch and shirt, get on the bike and take a ride in his memory.   So at the last minute, I got the boots on and rode down to Cooks to take part in the 9-11 Memorial Ride.  However, I was late and on my way there, the 9-11 Ride was already on the canyon road coming toward me.  It looked beautiful.  I did not take any photos or stop and turn around.  I felt that the ride I was on was meant to be and I expressed my sympathy solo. I am glad I did.  I did the ‘wave’ to everyone as they went by and just kept going, I never stopped at Cooks.  Instead, I stayed in the moment, did my own ride, and all was as perfect as it could be on this personal Memorial Ride.

Never Forget.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

Til next time…


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