~259 Of 365~

He doesn’t look too creepy for a reptile standing above it, but after cropping his little body photo he looks like someone could recreate him in a ghoulish Hollywood B movie. These guys are all over the place and although harmless to us, they are a menace.  They don’t even run away anymore and I find that they like to cuddle with me on the outdoor furniture.  Me? Well,  I still jump when they show their little selves on my comfy outdoor chairs.   Because I cropped the photo, I noticed something I have never seen before *probably because I never get this close in person*… and that is the hole on each side of the neck.  I looked it up, and those holes are the ears or “auditory meatus”. Dinosaurs had them as do the crocodiles of today.  So there ya go, ya can’t recreate that.


Til next time…

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