~273 Of 365~

Circle & BBQ Rub.
9-30-17-3 (1 of 1)

This guy isn’t a full circle,   More like an oval.  My rocks are beginning to have their place in the garden, and since the flowers are pretty much spent the painted colors from the rocks will do for the Winter.  I’m having fun with them finally putting them out.

On another note, the BBQ rub turned out great on the spare ribs.  Lousy on the pork.  But it is missing something and that means more experimenting with that recipe.  One spice which I loved on both is cumin.  It has a flavor which I don’t always like but added with chili and cayenne powder its flavor popped, in a good way.  The complete recipe is still yet to come when it becomes perfecto for both which is the goal.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  It is a really nice day here finally.  Not too hot *smiles*.

Til next time…


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