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September 2017

~264 Of 365~

The mighty fern is growing well in the garden this season already.  It actually rained a bit today, so the greens were vibrant and the smells are fresh and Fall-ish. Til next time...

~263 Of 365~

With all its old wooden slats, this bridge is a favorite walk.  This morning I took a few more photos with the 5D MarkIII.  Somehow it is hard to get away from the way it shoots.  I have photographed this... Continue Reading →

~262 Of 365~

Today's tentative scheduled tree trimmers turned out to be a go which was great for taking the camera around the rose garden.  It won't be long before they will be cut for the season.  Murray was at doggie play date and... Continue Reading →

~261 Of 365~

Now that's a purteee sight to me eyes!  It was a glorious day to discover the stucco base is going up finally.  It's been a long time coming. Now lets just see how long it will stay this way...pfffttt. *hopes... Continue Reading →

~260 Of 365~

This face!  This morning he wouldn't leave me alone. He's been kept inside a bit more. Now that I am more aware of those little buggers, the Tarantula Hawks, and their sting, they aren't so cute anymore and we are avoiding a portion... Continue Reading →

~259 Of 365~

He doesn't look too creepy for a reptile standing above it, but after cropping his little body photo he looks like someone could recreate him in a ghoulish Hollywood B movie. These guys are all over the place and although... Continue Reading →

~258 Of 365~

A nice surprise in the mail after waiting two months.  In August the price raised from $10 to $80 on a lifetime pass for Seniors.  I grabbed mine as soon as hearing of the price change.  It's a nice perk to... Continue Reading →

~257 Of 365~

Getting My Bug On...

~256 Of 365~

I have a penchant for just wandering about with my cup of tea in the morning until I wake up.  Looking down at Murray I noticed this leaf filled with water.  It looks like it is waiting for the fairies... Continue Reading →

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