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Seven Days Seven B & W Photos Challenge

An explanation for the next 7 days:

Challenged by Sugunag’s Blog, for the next seven days, I will post a black and white photograph.  Seven Days Seven B&W Photos Challenge.  I have no idea where this started from because I couldn’t search a link to it to post here,  however, since I am doing 365 days of photos,  I am pushing the *in* button on this one.  Anywho, this challenge is to post seven black and white photos, no people, no explanation, of everyday life for seven consecutive days.  I’m supposed to challenge a new blogger daily for this 7 days, but this is challenging in itself, so don’t press that dislike button when I say I am pressing the *release* button on that rule and won’t bother anyone.  Some people are bothered by these challenges, so no pressure from me.  If you want to do this challenge I will leave it to you to post and let us know so we can all see them too!  I think it is a great opportunity for anyone who enjoys shooting in the black and white media or for anyone just observing and wants to be a part of this fun.

Seven Days Seven B&W Photos Challenge #1

10-20-17-4 (1 of 1)
Glow Girl


Til next time…


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