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November 2017

~334 Of 365~

I love the trees and their roots.  This highway of roots was on the curbside and I had to stop and take a photo of it.  To me, it was a serene bundled mess, but it was an awesome tree. Til... Continue Reading →

~333 Of 365~

A little snippet of the Grateful SHE'd.  It's that time of year and with only a box of ornaments that should have been thrown away and a credit card swipe to the local home store, I got a battery operated tree... Continue Reading →

~332 Of 365~

It will get done.  One-way or another.  It will get done.  Eh? Til next time...  

~331 Of 365~

It is time for me to bite the bullet as they say and get winter comfy at the Grateful SHE'd.  Lights are going up and it will soon be time to sit and listen to the coyotes. Well,  maybe not listen to... Continue Reading →

~330 Of 365~

The percussive sounds of the acorns dropping from the oaks upon the Giracci Vineyards and Farm's deck is a constant this time of year.  It is a beat for the bassist to enamor.  We frequent as much as we can and... Continue Reading →

~329 Of 365~

Instead of using the Daily Prompt's word underdog, how about dog-under. Works for me. Sobeit. Til next time...

~328 Of 365~

Clutch. Yessiree, the Daily Prompt today is "clutch". Easy peasy. Here are two of mine. Til next time...

~327 Of 365~

He is clearing the place of possible Gremlins. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. The search continues...   Til next time...

~326 Of 365~

At the mercy of power. Til next time... Canon point and shoot G7X - Rider Canon point and shoot G7X - Wind turbines  

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