~309 Of 365~

Sunday’s Thoughts:  Photo Apps.  Having that extra hour today had me not wanting to get up but being up, I grabbed Cellzilla and played with some new apps I haven’t tried.  I am calling it my Andy Warhol hour.


Then I finally jumped out of bed and ate an egg cause I can’t eat anything else right now.  My tooth fell out last night.  Is there an old Fairy Tooth Godmother to tell me why it just so happened to fall out when I am a dental nut?  AND WHY did it so happen on a weekend when there is not a dentist around.  Just sayin’, I may have a lot of Andy Warhol moments today.  Now I am ready for the day… sort of.  Film Noir is on Turner Network.

Til next time… Smile, it’s a new day.

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